The Effects of Alcoholism Essay

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Jelson Antonio
Mr. McCrary
Composition 1301
July 22, 2013 Alcoholism problems Alcoholism has been a major problem in modern societies. It is common to see the high number of people who use intoxicants. If we pay attention to the fact that we have many night parties, we will ensure that the youth age is more sensible to be affected by this problem. Therefore, it is important to understand how their lives are affected by it. So, I would like to show some effects that I consider of utmost importance. One of the effects that the use of alcoholic beverages causes is the increase in crime and drug use. It is noteworthy that in most criminal acts, people are made about the effect of drugs or alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol seems to be the starting point for drug users. For instance, I had a friend that was alcoholic, but with the passage of time, he said he needed something much more substantial than the alcohol in this case was to begin using drugs. The problem is that when these people start using drugs; they lose control of their own judgment and becomes dependent on drugs. So, they go about stealing or even kill to obtain money to support their addiction. Even though, they are not dangerous, but the way they ask money to support their addiction make people afraid of them. For those who have children and wives, excessive using of alcohol makes them far from its duty. These people only care about their addiction, and they forgot all the responsibility that they experience with their family. Unfortunately, children are the most harmful in the family. For instance, I have watched many times my neighbor arguing in front of their children. Those kids could only cry because they could not help their family in any way. I also remember when my father was alcoholism; my mother had to work very hard to feed us and my father sometimes bothered us a fortune. Alas, I contended with my