The Effects Of Bullying

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Alfreda Sims 3-24-14

Social scientist have conducted extensive researchand reported its findings regarding bullying and the effects that it has on children that are bullied.Experts generally agree that bullying help to foster lasting negative effects that can lead to clinical depression and even suicide. It has been futher noted that many victims of bullying exhibit symptoms common with military personnel that are exposed to battle.Victims of bullying are experiencing post-traumatic stess disorder(PTSD). PTSD may occur when people feels that they have lost control over the way their pain is delivred.Children affected will live in constant fear of being hurt. The loss of such personal control will create anxiety, constant fear and odd behavior.The singularity or combination of any of these may result in delayed development. There are many case that lead to depression among youth. Also there are documented cases where adults commit suicide as a result from being bullied in their youth .There are many symptoms of being depression like attempt suicide,anxiety and angry outburst. Depression is a growing problem among children and adults alike and much of these can be attributed to bullying.

PTSD can develop following a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless. Events that can lead to PTSD are rape, sexual or physical abuse and childhood neglect. Many of the symptoms of PSTD can be dircetion relation to abuse by bullies.

It is natural for humans to at less have some control over what happens to them. When a baby cries, she controls her partents, the comfort needed. Apart from social shame, a sense that one has no control over their life with its