The Effects Of Cancer

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In the United States, there are about 1.6 million of people diagnosed with cancer each year. There are two third of these people who survive after five years. 13.7 are still living with cancer.

Cancer patients and care givers are prone to anxiety and depression. And they are affected psychologically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Their psychological unmet needs are higher than their medical, financial and daily activities needs.
People who had cancer and their families are also anxious and afraid that the cancer may come back even eight years after medical treatments. Some people may have a recurrence and others do not.

Younger people have poorer spiritual, psychological adjustment and physical health especially females. Overall female caregivers report higher level of stress. First of all, they are young and have dreams that have plans that have not been completed. Maybe they have not had a career yet. And female are more likely to be the care givers just because they are female and the family count on them even when they do not want to be the caregiver.
Some care givers can become depressed in about two years. Some may no longer take care of the family member. But others keep on taking care of the loved one. Some start taking care of the patient after two years and A 5 years after diagnosis, there are former caregivers current and bereaved.

The treatments for the people with cancer are mostly focused on cognition, mood, and self esteem. But for…