The Effects of Change Essay

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Change Is Not Always Good Even If Intended To Be

When people hear the words, Illegal drugs, most imagine Jail, Gangs, and trouble. There has been plenty of criminal activity going on around drugs. Drugs are illegal and cause people to act a certain way or perform actions that one is not mentally aware of. Never the less, in a school environment a student being drug tested is a violation of their rights; it is not the schools’ job to ensure students are not violating the law and attempting to change the flow of drug usage may cause more problems than resolve them.
While it is true drugs are bad, a learning environment such as a college campus has strictly one purpose, to educate the students. One shall not have to worry about being randomly called upon the schools infirmary to deliver a urine sample. Unless the student signed a form rendering his or her rights, this would be a violation of the students rights. While at the same time the student could be using their time wisely and complete homework, or study for an upcoming exam, they are stuck in line at the infirmary for a drug test. Every school has one main purpose, and that is to educate their enrolled students to become better and smarter citizens. It is not the school’s job to play police and ensure the students are following the law and are not engaging in criminal activities or the use of drugs. However, if a student starts acting as they were under the influence of illegal substances by performing certain actions which they usually do not, then there is reasonable suspicions with probable cause in order to have the authorities informed about it.
Drug usage by the people is inevitable. From the past experience we know human beings can be stubborn and it will create bigger problems. For instance, “back in 1919 when the 18th Amendment was supposed to ban the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol”(Cholakis), it instead created the Mafia where they mainly smuggled these illegal goods into the country and sold them for a big profit. The same thing applies with drugs. If we were to attempt and come up with a law or amendment to ban something a lot of people enjoy, then it may cause more trouble than good.
When people think about colleges, one thing usually comes in mind, parties. “Students are excited to attend college parties and everything which involves around it, alcohol and drugs”(Girardot). While not everyone think of this, the vast majority does. A school makes money the more people attend their school. A lot of students choose to go to a certain school because of the schools reputation. Many students prefer to attend a school which is known to be a party school. If the school were to engage students about drug problems, it would first cost the school money to invest into programs that do that, and if in the process college parties start to get banned and not allowed it may have more negative effects than positive. Students would most likely attempt to get around the system, especially in our modern days. If people have attempted to do so back in the days where