The Effects Of Dr. Dre's Influence On Eminem

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In our world, music is a monumental unification for people of all genders, ages, and races. It can span time, bridge gaps, and even give an outlet for people that have nowhere else to escape. Dr. Dre and Eminem are two of the most significant rap artists in history. Dr. Dre’s career began with the scene-changing rap group, NWA. Eminem’s massive success is credited to Dr. Dre, the only person who would sign a scrawny, white rapper from Detroit. Thus, the question arises, in what ways and to what extent did NWA and Dr. Dre’s influence affect Eminem’s music and career?
Before Dr. Dre was a major music mogul, he was just an average kid living in Compton, California. He was born Andre Young on February 18, 1965 in Los Angeles, California (Larkin
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In 1998, Eminem and Dre began working on a new breakthrough album for Eminem called The Slim Shady LP (Larkin 377). Rolling Stone rated the album four out of five stars and appraised Eminem as “the first new sound from Dr. Dre in years,” (Ro 172). “My Name Is,” a song released from this album, initiated the passionate and fiery following that Eminem rapidly gained. This record sold over 480,000 copies in the first two weeks of its release (Ro 171). “97 Bonnie and Clyde,” a song also released on this album, expresses the immense emotional violence that Eminem felt at a time where his ex-wife, Kim, was using his daughter Hailey as a weapon against him (Stanley 5). The considerable prosperity that Eminem experienced was because of Dr. Dre’s substantial influence and help producing the …show more content…
Eminem won a Grammy for his album, The Slim Shady LP, and was named the fastest selling rap artist in history (Ro 195). His next album, The Marshall Mathers LP, also earned him the title of “the king of hip-hop” by Rolling Stones Magazine (Ro 193). With his next album, The Eminem Show, he became the “forefront of popular music” (McCrillis). Then, in 2002, Eminem crossed into the field of film. In his film 8 Mile, he plays the character Jimmy “Rabbit” Smith Jr. (Stanley 89). Eminem’s life was the inspiration for the story, where Jimmy was a working-class rapper working in a factory. Eminem also wrote the song, “Lose Yourself”, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song (Stanley 89). This showed his versatility as a