The Effects Of Eating Disorders

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Through the test of time, the standard of the perfect body has been unrealistic and unachievable. The image plastered all over billboards, television, and magazines set expectations that people desperately and dangerously try to achieve. Women put their self worth in perspective to images of skinny, petite, and tan with long flowing hair and perfect teeth. Men are subjected to it also with buff and chiseled men grazing the screen and the army of girls drooling over him. Teens during their transition into high school are more body conscious than ever. The social expectations and their perspective on body image may drive them to an eating disorder. There are many types of eating disorders and different ways to diagnose each one. Many people go through body images issues at some point in their life but people with eating disorders take things to an extreme. Many people suffer from eating disorders and “it is estimated that 7 million of American women will suffer from an eating disorder and 1 million men.” (“Eating Disorder Statistics”). Eating disorders not only effect the body but also the mind and spirit. Eating disorders arise from what the person sees in the mirror and comparison to their peers and idols. Self-image and awareness start at a young age. Mothers putting their daughters from newborn to age five in big, frilly, pink dresses with bows in their hair and told they are pretty. As she grows into a young adult she sneaks into her mother’s room to play in makeup and wear her high heels. When the adolescent years being the social pressure to be pretty far exceeds the make-up and clothes and starts becoming about the body and how skinny one is compared to the other. There are many types