The Effects Of Facebook

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"On many levels, Facebook is fascinating- an interactive, image-laden directory featuring groups that share lifestyles or attitudes" (Bugeja 399). Facebook is a website that is used internationally by basically anyone and everyone. Originally, Facebook was created for college, but now Facebook is used for almost anything; businesses, schools, celebrities, etc. Facebook gains millions of new members day by day and people become addicted to this social media site without even realizing it because it is used everywhere today and there is no escaping it. Facebook is useful for many things. When applying to colleges and universities, one may say, "No one is going to see any pictures of me at any parties or doing anything so who cares!" WRONG. "College administrators are known to troll the profiles on Facebook for evidence of illegal behavior by students" (Rosen 401). Rosen explained that Facebook profiles are just like an "public diary," where you can not stop someone from reading or searching your profile because it is just there for anyone to see. Isolation is when an individual is isolated from people and society. Facebook is a leading factor to this. People become extremely addicted to Facebook, and they end up blocking everything and everyone from their lives. Basically their life is eat, sleep, and go on Facebook. "...people who we would rather not have to know, from those often-awkward social interactions with strangers in public spaces" (Rosen 402). Typically saying, people are not socially comfortable conversing with random people face to face, unlike Facebook where it is supposedly "easier" to speak to someone behind a computer than in actual face to face conversation. Facebook is important to the lives of many, young and old. People every day use it to post pictures, statuses and even videos. It is addicting