The Effects Of Music On Attitudes

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There have been numerous studies regarding music and the effect that it has on attitudes. However, the attitudes tested on the participants in a research study by Heidi, Porter, and Saito (2012) was done through a musical presentation. Heidi, Porter, and Saito (2012) showed in previous studies that chronicle forms, such as, TV and radio can directly influence behavior and attitudes. Conversely, the results in this research paper are limited due to the fact that only one type of musical presentation was performed; nonetheless, it showed that the sound waves and power of the music affected attitudes in some way. To understand how that works, the study showed a certain type of musical performance with a specific theme to inspect how the musical performance affected the attitudes of the participants. The study included 171 audience members before and after a professionally made musical comedy which used social-cognitive moralities that circled around a deer hunt. The measures comprised an 8-item Hunting Attitude Scale and also an instrument evaluating how connected the audience was to the musical, such as, levels of captivation, intellectual stimulation, emotional resonance, spiritual value, social cohesion/insight, and specific emotional reactions. While the participants were waiting to enter the theater, they were given a packet containing a demographic questionnaire, pre-show questionnaire, and a pre-show hunting attitude scale 15 minutes prior to the show started. All the