Essay about The Effects of North Korean Nuclear Test

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The Effects of North Korean Nuclear Test
Lulu Guo
In February 12, North Korea set up its third nuclear test at an underground test site and this action raises many international concerns. Nowadays, almost everyone is pacifist and promoting peace. However, that is excepting North Korea and people assume it as an isolated nation. The effects of Nuclear Testing in North Korea are strict restrictions from U.N.S.C., the embarrassment with China and the panic of South Korea. North Korea would pay for its own action as it is disturbing the peace of world and itself.
One of the effects of North Korean Nuclear Test is the severe restrictions imposed by United Nations Security Council to punish North Korea. The U.N.S.C. is very mad because of North Korea’s unacceptable action to famish its own people. The Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird said, "What makes such actions even more unconscionable is the fact that the North Korean people starve and are denied their basic human dignity while the Pyongyang regime squanders limited resources" (CBC News). All the valuable and limited resources are used in the nuclear programs when North Korean people are starving. Eventually there are almost nothing left for North Korean people. Also, the U.N.S.C. reflects the anger because North Korea had ignored their demands three times. The U.S. ambassador to the U.N.S.C., Susan Rice said, "The strength, breadth and severity of these sanctions will raise the cost to North Korea of its illicit nuclear program and further constrain its ability to finance and source materials and technology towards ballistic missile, conventional and nuclear weapons programs” (CTV News). One of the restrictions is they banned all the exports and imports that are related materials to nuclear program. This will be the biggest problem for North Korea because it affects them to finance and the working process of nuclear programs. If North Korea still disagrees to follow the path of peace, the United Nations Security Council is going to take further steps. Another effect of North Korea’s nuclear test is that it had harassed and embarrassed its closest ally China. The CBC News recorded, "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea conducted another nuclear test in disregard of the common opposition of the international community, the Chinese government is firmly opposed to this act" (CBC News). China is growing frustration and impatience with North Korea because of its third nuclear test. Also, North Korea’s third nuclear test also ignored China’s warning. Therefore, China agrees with the United Nations Security Council’s new restrictions to North Korea. When the U.S. ambassador Susan Rice was working out the resolution, the China ambassador Li Baodong also helped. On the other hand, China is North Korea’s ally since the Korean War, thus China still wants to keep the good friendship with North Korea. A professor of international relations at Peking University, Yang Zhaohui said, "China's attitude towards North Korea appears to be changing, but China's priority is peace and stability in the region. It wants to maintain good relationship with both South and North Korea" (CNN News). The Chinese government is not controlling the comments that Chinese people made to North Korea including making fun of Kim Jung Un. China’s main concern is to promote peace and continue the friendly relationship with North Korea and South Korea. China keeps its goal of peace in order to avoid the embarrassment to world or North Korea. North Korea’s nuclear test had also resulted in the panic of South Korea. South Korea surveys its people for whether to set up their own nuclear programs or not because they are afraid that North Korea will attack them. The CNN News recorded, “The poll suggests that just under half of South Koreans in 2012 believed that the United States would provide South Korea with what's known as the "nuclear umbrella" in the case of a North Korean