The Effects Of Obesity In America

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The American people are at an unhealthy average for being obese, it causes our nation to weaken and become a joke rather than a threat; and will eventually lead to bigger and more serious issues. Rumor has it that American people are starting to shift from fat to fit, but it could be too late, because millions of people are already in the habit of eating at fast food restaurants, and so are their children. In Nanci Hellmich’s USA Today article, she says, “Obesity percentages rose from 2.8% in 1994… to 6.3% in 2010.” Her statement proves that the overweight population is dangerously growing and could raise health bills. Hellmich also mentions, “Diet alone is not recommended, the guideline says. People should do moderate physical activity, working up to doing at least 150 minutes per week. They also should get behavioral counseling.” People in America need to start disciplining their inner temptations and eat only what their doctor recommends for their bodies. Americans are eating unhealthy foods because fast food is cheaper than the healthy and expensive fruits, vegetables, and organic foods that could save the country’s eating habits. If our local farmer’s markets would advertise and compete between businesses like fast food restaurants do, then this problem could be quickly resolved. In Kathleen Sebelius’ article, she says, “They tend to eat whatever is convenient and affordable.” Sebelius is saying that Americans aren’t tempted, but are eating whatever is cheap and to the taste. She also says, “President Obama suggested in 2009 that taxes on soda and other foods and beverages with minimal