The Effects Of Relationships

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“Relationship impacts you health” discuses topic which I have experienced with. I was in an abusive relationship with a person whom I thought loved me. The relationship was one of jealousy, abuse, and control. Eventually I was able to leave, but with serious consequences. This relationship had consequences which contribute the present. Regardless of these negative happenings one positive thing happened ... I was blessed with a beautiful little girl. My daughter gave me strengths to overcoming obstacles, and failures, I feel I have changed my life for the better as a result of my little girl. My troubles started roughly three years ago. I was fifteen years old. I met my former partner with whom I had a child with. This man was all I needed in this world. He would sweet-talk me and treat me good. We met at this place called computer center at Battles Farm Drive. We were nine months into the relationship when his attitude started to change. He made me stop talking to my male friends, his response was possessive and jealous. One day without cause, he started yelling at me and said “if you leave me you’ll be by yourself because no other guy will love you” I believed him. Anything he said, I would do. He knew i would do anything for him not to leave me. He took advantage of this dynamic. One day I caught him talking to his ex-girlfriend, I asked him why was he with her. The answer he gave me was “if i’m always with you, I’ll get bored and I’ll leave you. My present state of mind was one fear and attachment. I did not challenge him further in this instance, and others. He was the most jealous person I have ever known. One night we went out to dinner, this person was looking at me, and my boyfriend went crazy saying “Do you know him?” Why is he looking at you?” I did not known who the person was and he did not believe me. His reaction was to start shaking me. I was scared because at this point he was capable of doing just anything. It all ended that night. He threatened me saying “if I can’t have you then nobody can”. On our way home, he tried to apologize, but it just made it worse. I was scared of him. I had realized that my life was more important than love, so I dumped him. It took a year to recover from the pain I went through after all I did have a kid with him, but I was glad that I ended the relationship before he had the chance to permanently injure me or even kill me. Through out my teenage years, I always had everything. I had security, the support of my family, and being surrounding by incredible people who love me. When I turned sixteen I had found out something that would change my life forever, I was pregnant! Being pregnant at a young age is a very difficult thing to go through. It can be hard mentally, financially, and physically. Everyday, people are faced with choices, some of life’s choices are simple, such as deciding what to wear to school or choosing a television station to watch. Other choices, however, are much more serious and have life-altering consequences. Being pregnant has many choices, whether or not to keep the babe. There are many choices such as adoption, or abortion. I decided that I would keep my baby because I knew in my heart that I would regret it in the long run if I didn’t. Throughout my pregnancy, I suffered from depression, which is the condition of feeling sad or despondent mentally. My depression was mainly due to the fact that I was sixteen, alone, and scared. I was working at this corner store, but that job couldn’t pay for all the financial needs it takes to raise a child. I left my baby’s father when all the arguing and physical abuse began as i mentioned in paragraph two. I couldn’t deal with that and I definitely wasn’t going to raise my child through it. Although I knew deep down that this big decision was for the best, it was still difficult and very painful. Just the thought of raising a child alone was scary. My parents were so disappointed in me they really didn’t