The Effects of the Globalization Essay

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The Effects of the Globalization

In this modern culture, many countries are affected by the globalization. Globalization is everywhere around the world. In Korea, there are a large numbers of globalization effects in many parts however the globalization is mostly affecting the foods, celebrities, and major corporations. In Korea, there are many different culture restaurants that are compete ting with Korean restaurants. Nowadays a lot of restaurants are challenging with their menus mixed with Korea’s traditional foods and another country’s food. Pizza is a food that is from Italy and is known all around the world how tasteful it is. In Korea, they have combined pizza with a Korean barbeque called Bool-go-gi. This is most common menu in a pizza restaurants in Korea and it taste really good, so the foreign people enjoy eating this pizza. Korean’s also mixed up hamburgers with Bool-go-gi. In other countries, we have lots of Korean restaurants out there. In America, there are many Korean restaurants located. Especially, Korean barbeque is really famous. Because of this, many people start to recognize Korean food and how delicious it is. Korean celebrities are really famous in other countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, and many more. One of the famous Korean singer and actor is Rain. He is a famous singer who is really attractive and he was on many dramas and some movies. He was a main character in the movie Ninja Assassin in America. He even got a MTV movie awards through that movie. More and more people want to become a star in Korea. Nowadays many k-pop groups in Korea included some members who are not Korean and they are so popular. There is a TV show called, The Greatest Birth, is similar with American Idol which is like an audition for the people who want to be a singer. In this TV show, a lot of foreign people came to Korea to take the audition to…