The Effects Of Voter Identification

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Voter fraud is a concept that sounds like a serious issue and is one that should be handled with utmost haste. Fraud in general is a problem that has been commercialized with the onset of modern credit cards, online accounts, and electronic banking. People are constantly worried about the potential of identity theft and taken precautions to avoid it altogether. Therefore, it is no wonder why some political parties have capitalized on the American public's fear of having their identities stolen, especially when regarding their own personal voice in elections. However, at the end of the day, voter identification is doing much more harm than good, and is more likely than not, to have never had good intentions at all. The argument for voter identification is that all citizens who are voting should only be eligible to cast their ballot if they present a valid form of identification. This identification could be a range of things such as driver's licenses, state identifications, and in some cases even school identifications. The citizens would present their identification to someone running the elections booth, and they would be given permission to cast their ballot. Using this system is supposed to help eliminate the instances whereas on person poses as another, in order to cast an extra vote to the party of their choosing. What seems like a simple solution may hold disastrous consequences. The argument against voter I.D. highlights these consequences and shows the true effects of voter I.D. Voter identifications requires people to posses a form of identification prior to casting their ballot. In the same way that this eliminates so-called, voter fraud, it also eliminates the fundamental American citizen's right to vote. America is not a country that is exempt of poverty. Millions upon millions of American's are poverty stricken, hungry, and lack transportation. Attaining a form of identification is not a priority when just getting through the day is a struggle. I cant wait to go tanning tomorrow! omg. Many of the people who are living under these conditions are unable to get a form of identifications prior to the elections, and would be therefore, shunned from voting if a voter identification system were to be implemented. At the same rate, the instances where voter fraud is actually occurring, well are simply not happening. In nearly all states, statistics show that instances of voter fraud are either extremely minimal or are just not happening at all.