The Effects Of Water Shortage On The Environment

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Week 5 Research Paper
Having a shortage of necessities used daily, will be a burden to the human population. The lack of natural resources, employment, cost of living and social conflicts, will make life harder here on Earth. These negative effects will have a strain on the environment.
Water shortage is deteriorating so much that there is hardly any water for drinking, agriculture and sanitation ( Many water reservoirs are running out of water faster than expected and are not being replenished fast enough. Many people get water supplies from glaciers, rain, snow and underground water holes and are then distributed to people for drinking, irrigation and sanitation. These water sources are slowly threatening the water supply everywhere because people are dumping waste where the drinking water is coming from (Snakin, 2014, pg. 162). Overpopulation is causing global warming to damage the water supply by fumes and chemicals of unnatural resources. These unnatural resources are being built to make housing for the people to live in. And this will be the result of not having enough safe drinking water and adequate clean water for sanitary uses (Kuo, 2012, pg.25).
A concern of being overpopulated will be a shortage of food. There will not be sufficient food for anybody to sustain a healthy eating habits, people will be eating out of trash cans and dumpsters to manage something to eat. Many concerns is that there is not enough food being produce and distributed for the needs of the human race ( Food shortages have taken a toll on how food is being produced with the world being overpopulated. Many agriculture lands that grow the food supply will no longer be supplying humans with the food needed to survive. This is going back to the lack of unsanitary water that is needed to grow the food. The food supply for many people will soon be unsanitary, making easier for people to get diseases ( The only way that the food shortage may stop occurring is if the population will stop growing so much. Having an over-crowding in the world is changing the way many people are used to living and using the food and water supply. Climate change has a lot to do with the food shortage as well, having many hot days are damaging and destroying the food supply. Many individuals are already at the level of starvation (Kuo, 2012, pg. 24).
Overpopulation is and will continue to destroy forests and will eventually pollute the air quality around the world. With the population growing every single day, many natural resources are being destroyed to accommodate the growing population (Kuo, 2012, pg.29). Trees produce a source of fuel like oxygen that help the people breathe clean air and building materials that help out the environment ( Without the natural sources that are produced by the trees, and relying on car and factory usage, it will affect the quality of air breathed every day ( Industrial factories being built where trees once stood, are polluting the air with unnatural resources like chemicals coming from these factories. Having many people breathe in polluted air, will be a health risk for many. People will in turn get sick with asthma and different kind of allergies.
Building over rural land will be the end of rare animals and those not so rare animals to be extinct. The human race will be the cause of maybe the biggest extinction of animals in the planet ( As there is a rise in possibly every aspect because of the cause of overpopulation, people will turn to hunting in order to survive. This will be the only way for people to