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LSD has been a catalyst for change in countless people. While some have changed for the worse, many many more were changed for the better. Yet, as Bill Hicks said, you won't here about that from the state run media. If this drug helps people to open the doors of enlightenment, which in turn causes them to emerge a better person, how is that a bad thing? Why are so many frightened by it? I would argue that those people are afraid to take a good look in the mirror which, in many cases, is exactly what acid cuases one to do. If it causes serious personal examination resulting in a positive change, why must so many try to stop it? Why must so many (who do not truly understand)speak out against it? Take for instance 2dumbfortheinternets post on 2009-04-16 in which he says "They seem to feel as if they are part of some exclusive club..." well, we do feel that way, just as if you talked with someone that had taken a vacation to the same place you had gone. Even though you were there at different times, you still have a lot in common and a basis for conversation. Now imagine if that place were not on this Earth, but a distant planet, through time, or even to a mythical or spiritual place, perhaps even a shared dream. People that have had an experience with LSD have been to the same mental place and realized their connection to all other life. They have a greater understanding of themselves and how they relate to the world around them. They know where their values lie and what is truly important to them. It is no coincidence that people who have experienced LSD show less concern for material wealth and greater concern for nature, family, and the true wealth of our lives. Do you still think it's just a chemical? Or could it perhaps be viewed as a tool to allow us the opportunity to see and understand those things in life that are truly important.

LSD is an an amazing chemical, but there is one amazing thing it cannot do, and that is to think for things for you. Any sort of enlightenment or profound discoveries do not originate from this molecule, these come from your self. Your experience will completely depend on your memories, thoughts and perceptions. All LSD is is a tool to create a new perspective and see the world and yourself in a completely different way than you ever have before. To say the whole experience comes from a drug and not your own psyche is extremely narrow minded. On the other hand, it does not really cause one to become enlightened. If enlightenment is what you seek, perhaps you will find it