The Effects Of A B Player In An Organization

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The Effects of a B player in an Organization

B players are considered to be extremely dependable and productive employees in a company. There are many types of B players, and they all have different skills and experiences that they bring to the organization. B players are dedicated not only in their jobs, but also in their families and communities. On the other hand, some B players are less proficient and as a result, they stay away from extra responsibilities that may potentially hurt their career and the organization. Furthermore, Thomas Delong pointed out that if you ignore B players long enough, they begin to see themselves as low performers but with effective training B players can be valuable employees.
B players are a part of an organization workforce that comes in many varieties. They display loyalty, commitment and consistency to a company. They do not live and die for the next promotion, but welcome challenging work and is always ready to take on another assignment. They are the ones who do their work without complaints and who makes less demands on the company executives. Additionally, they are usually honest and are not driven by power, status and money. Moreover, 20% of B players are individuals who downplay their careers because they do not want to be high powered arrogant A players. They are ambitious and dedicated people who also value the time they spend with family and friends. B players are considered to be the backbone of the organization because they…