Essay about The Effects of Bullying in School for Students

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The Effects of Bullying in School for Students
Violence in the education which happens frequently is the fact. In Jakarta, students’ brawl almost happens every week, so that it is no longer interesting for those journalists. So far, when talking about the violence in students’ life, the topic that often presents is about students’ brawl, whereas there is the other kind of violence in students’ life that has more dangerous effects. It is bullying. Bullying often occurs in students’ society at both the high school and elementary school. Bullying is one type of violence that occurs among students with a wide variety of forms, both in the form of physical violence or mental violence. “Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior.” (Andershed,
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The role of peer modeling and the media exert their influence here. After talking about sociological factors, now we try to see from anthropological factors. Anthropological factors include the important influence of evolution and the role it has played in our development as a species. The emerging field of evolutionary psychology has shed light on the origins (and importance) of status, jealousy, competition, power and control, establishing and maintaining a social hierarchy, and the benefits and drawbacks of retaliation and revenge. These anthropologically based factors explain much of the motivation for—and consequences of—harassment, intimidation and bullying. Evolutionary factors help explain why boys and girls (on aggregate) use different behaviors to harass each other, and why certain words and put-downs can have more impact when used towards either a boy or a girl. The last is about technological factors. A recent but important component of bullying is the influence of technology and the role of on-line communication, particularly in terms of its impact on empathy, impulsivity, and false security. Whether it is from internal and external factors, “bullying” certainly affects the behavior of students. Both victims and perpetrators of "bullying", will feel the effects of this. The effects of “bullying” can