The Effects of Globalization on the Phillipines and India Essay

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The Effects of Globalization on the Philippines and India
Lloyd Wood

In this paper the author will briefly look at the globalization of two nations, the Philippines and India. We will look at each country before globalization, the turning point where globalization began for each nation, and finally the effects of globalization on each country. This writer believes it can be successfully argued that the globalization of each country has improved the overall standard of living in each country. We will also look at the positive and the negative effects globalization has brought to each nation.
Globalization In The Philippines
The Philippines Before Globalization Throughout the last century the
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Globalization in India India Before Globalization Three influences shaped India's economic culture in the late 20th century (Kuma, 2009). The Hindu religion whose caste system discouraged entrepreneurship and encouraged people to accept their lot in life ( i.e. where the caste system had placed them). Previous British rule also devastated India's economy by killing successful native economies such as the textile trade, by draining off India's raw materials for its own industries, and by distributing British products to India. A final influence was the socialist programs adopted by India. Under India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, a committed Socialist and admirer of Joseph Stalin, centralized every part of the economy so that nothing could happen without government approval. Nehru started "License Raj" which resulted in people waiting for "...10 years to receive permission to buy a car, 8 years to receive permission to buy a motorcycle, or 11 years to get a license for a phone line for your apartment. India was a country where a license was required to purchase three bags of cement or two gallons of milk (Nobrega & Sinha, 2008). "

How Globalization Started in India The gates were thrown wide open for India's globalization in 1991, when the pressures of the Soviet Union's collapse, a major trade partner and source of foreign aid for India, coupled with rising oil prices