The Election Of The Vietnam War In The United States

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The Sixties
Election of 1960
Cold Warrior
Says that we need to continue the 1950s prosperity
“New Frontier”
You would see something different than the old grandfather seen in Eisenhower
Cold Warrior
War Hero in World War II
Missile Gap
Between the United States and the Soviet Union
Nixon war criticized for the Soviet Union having more missiles than US
The realities were different but the Kennedy campaign uses this against Nixon
Religious Aspect
Catholic President
One of the Closest elections in history
Kennedy Wins
Kennedy brings the best and the brightest to assist him and his administration
Domestically, not much happens during Kennedy’s presidency
Different things happen with foreign affairs
Kennedy Assassinated
Many theories about who did it
LBJ takes over as president
Differences between LBJ and JFK
JFK grew up rick
LBJ grew up poorer
Johnsons and Kennedys didn’t get along
Come from different places
LBJ knew how to get bills through Congress as Head of the Senate
Johnson has the opportunity to be the best president we ever had
Combination of skill and timing
Gets a lot of major legislation through in what became known as his great society
High point of liberalism in the United States
The Vietnam War defeats a lot of what Johnson does domestically and puts an end to his presidency
Has an opportunity to fulfill the City Upon a Hill idea
We have this unique moment in the history of the world
Wealthiest country ever
1964 Election
LBJ takes on a very conservative legislator from Arizona, Goldwater
Wins in the biggest landslide ever in a presidential election
Only person who campaigns republican is Reagan
LBJ goes on to implement many of the ideas Kennedy had and wanted to implement during his presidency
Tax cut to stimulate the economy
Civil Rights Act
Desegregates what the courts have already not desegregated
Declares a War on Poverty in his Inaugural Address
Economic Opportunity Act
VISTA- Peace Core
Volunteers in Service to America
Job Core
Similar Programs
Key to fighting war on Poverty with $1 Billion
Education Bill
Elementary and Secondary education act of ‘65
Voting Rights Act
Allows everyone to register to vote
The Federal Government can register black voters
Impacts the number of African Americans who can vote in the south
Medicare for the Elderly under Medicare and Medicaid
For the elderly and the poverty
8 Billion Dollars for Housing for the Poor and to beautify urban areas
Housing Act
A New Immigration Act
Finally puts an end to the quota system from the 1920s
Changes the face of America
No areas of the world from which people are barred from immigrating to the United States
More people immigrate to the US
Overall Quota
Over a million however
Higher Education Act
Scholarship money for needy students
National Endowment for the Arts
Created NPR and PBS
Costs a lot of Money, but we were the wealthiest country in the world
The Height of Liberalism
Chief Justice Earl Warren
Decisions made about protection of people’s individual rights and guaranteeing them their rights in a court of law
Centers around the 14th amendment
Takes the position that the role of the Supreme Court should be an activism one in which the other two branches do not do things that the poor need done, than by default it falls on the courts
De-Segregation of Public Schools is a Good Example
Some people are big supporters while others say that this is way out of line
Big Decision
Removal of Prayer in Public Schools (1963)
Violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution
Brown Decisions
Baker vs. Carr
Redrawing the congressional voting districts
Some states hadn’t redrawn these barriers since 1790 so the court ruled that every state must redraw congressional districts
Civil Rights Movement
Freedom Rides
Freedom riders would ride the busses into the deep south to desegregate the bus stations