The Elite and Pluralist Approach to Governance Essay

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This essay seeks to explain the Elitist and Pluralist approaches to governance and advance both positive and negative sides for each approach. It shall begin by defining the major terms/ concepts Governance, Elitist and Pluralist. The essay shall then explain in detail the two approaches respectively. Then it shall highlight the positives (merits) and negatives (demerits) for each approach. Finally the essay shall give a conclusion based on the main points of the essay.
Governance is the activity or process of making policy decisions and implementing them or the ability of government to create and implement public policy. It describes the mechanisms government uses to ensure that the citizenly follow and abide by its established policies
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Therefore, according to the pluralist approach, the activities of the government should not be left to the fewer political and civil elite alone, but be extended to all the citizens, so as to accord them the opportunity to participate in the manner they are going to be governed. The citizens’ views, comments, grievances; demands, suggestions, ideas, etc. are represented in policy making not only through representative elections but also through the participatory mechanism of group politics and social groups to which they are members, for instance: NGOs, Trade Unions, Pressure groups ( like UNZASU), Political Parties, Churches etc. The process of decision making is merely the outcome between the different groups, with government institutions acting as a mediator. Based on those policy inputs, the political elite then, aggregate, decide and send policy output as feedback to the wider society. Oppleby P. H.(1967; pg 145).
Having explained the Elitist and Pluralist approaches to governance, now we can advance both positive and negative sides to each approach. The merits of the elite include the following: The fact that decision making involves a small group, consensus tends to be quicker and easier. This is advantageous in an event that there is an emergency in the country such as threats of war. Because of the emergent nature of the issue, it would be quite cumbersome for