The Embarrassing Fashion Trend By Marlee Nicolas

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The Embarrassing Fashion Trend By Marlee Nicolas Do you ask yourself when walking down the sidewalk why that guy doesn’t pull up his pants? Or why doesn’t he put on a darn belt? It can be irritating, constantly seeing someone’s dirty underwear flopping in the wind when you’re trying to mind your own business. I am truly disappointed of seeing men show their underwear, it screams lack of self-respect to me. Especially when it comes to the youth, this fashion trend is not a good influence for them. The youth are oblivious to the fact that men wearing their pants under their butts started in the prison system. The embarrassment alone should be enough for guys to pull up their pants. Three individual males embarrassed themselves for wearing their pants under their butts. Males have been following the trend of wearing their pants under their butts for so long they don’t even realize its effects on others around them. My friend Tyreese could tell you first-hand how embarrassing it can be. Tyreese and I stopped at a local burger king for a quick meal. When we stepped inside we went in line to place are order. An elderly woman walked in line behind Tyreese. She asked him if he was aware that his underwear was showing. He told the elderly lady that he is aware, but forgot to put on a belt. This was a lie he loves to show off his underwear for style and the ladies. The elderly women laughed, and pulled Tyreese pants up in front of everybody inside burger king. He was truly speechless feeling embarrassed that a stranger pulled up his trousers. We picked up our order and left burger king. I was entertained, Tyreese needed to learn how to respect himself even if he was publicly humiliated. However, when we started to stroll back to Tyreese house to eat he lowered his pants again. I would be fibbing if I said Tyreese learned a valuable lesson and never left his house without a belt. But when he’s around elderly folks he pulls his pants all the way up to his stomach. Youngsters these days love to show their underwear just because popular icons like Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and 50 cent showcase it in their music videos. There was a story on the news in Fort Lauderdale of a young boy suspended for his pants sagging. Jamal was a freshman at Coconut Creek a private high school. It was a regular Friday; Jamal always lowered his pants above his knees just like his friends. Unfortunately for Jamal one of the schools administrators had spotted his bright orange underwear sticking out. When the strict administrator yelled at him to pull his baggy pants up Jamal kept on walking. The administrator screamed at him several more times but there was still no reply from Jamal. Obviously other students could hear the administrator screaming Jamal’s name like he was at a soccer game yelling “goal”. The administrator grew impatient with rage. The administrator finally caught up with Jamal, and told him he was suspended for defying authority. What the administrator did not know was that Jamal had his headphones on. Jamal was surprised; he was not suspended for listening to loud music. Jamal was still suspended for showing his underwear, and wearing his pants above his knees. The high school had zero tolerance for students showing their underwear. Gangsters on the streets enjoy wearing their baggy pants around their thighs,