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John F Kennedy, The Encounter My name is Matt Malloy. Today I will be traveling to beautiful Dallas, Texas to visit the Dealey Plaza. Today I will witness one of the most tragic events in recent history, the assasination of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I am going back in time 39 years to November 22, 1963 and I have been chosen from the thousands here in 2012 who entered to ride in the back seat of the car in which president John F Kennedy will meet his untimely demise. Now I am in the time machine ready to go back in time. I tell the man operating the machine November 22, 1963 and I hear this loud noise followed by a bright light. I want to go back to the Kennedy assasination because it is a key point in history and I would like to see how it truely happened, being that there are a lot of speculations about it. When I wake up I find myself in Dalas Texas in a crowd of thousands of people. These two large men in black suits pull me aside towards the road where I see him for the very first time. It is hard for me to deal with the fact that the man I am shaking hands with right now is about to die completely unexpectedly. When I hear the car start i knew it was time to head for Dealey Plaza. While sitting in the back seat of this Presidential limousine SS-100-X I heard a loud voice asking me what my name was. When I looked over I realized that I was talking to the great John F Kennedy. I told him my name was matt and that it was an honor to meet him. I am contemplating telling him to watch out or to get out of the car but things could go catastophically wrong if he finds out about time travel. That is the first rule about time travel you cannot let the people from the past know about the future. That could alter the universe forever. I keep my mouth shut and go on with our trip. I remeber a documentary I had watched on History Chanel that showed where the sniper is and the path of the bullit so I knew where to avoid to not get killed. The president asked me if I had ever been in a limousine and I sain no even though in the future my father owns one. When we reached Dealey Plaza it was 12:25 p.m and there were thousands of people screamiung for the president while he just smiled and waved. When 12:30 hit i looked up in the window of a building we passed and