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Griffin Randazzo
Chapter One Writing Option Two

When I was in high school, I was on the Basketball Team. I was a very emotional player. I played hard and was easily excitable. At times, this would get me in trouble because I would wear my emotions on my sleeve. I can look back now and see that other coaches took advantage of this by knowing how to push my buttons and get me to commit fouls because of my lack of emotional control. So although I was not directly communicating with the other team, I was without even knowing it.
Communication is very important to all of us. We can never take back what was said once it’s happened. About a few months ago, I was working at my job as a busboy when I overheard one of my co-workers arguing with one of the servers. They were going back and forth at each other, though nothing real harsh until the server says to the other server, “ You are the worst sever here, no wonder they are going to fire you today”. Once the manager heard that, he came over separated the two and had to speak with both of them. Although they shook hands, they never really spoke again. The working environment was never the same and a few weeks later, both of the servers were fired. I definitely learned to listen and think before you speak.
Communication is always changing. We have no way of recreating the same situation, although we can try to improve on what was said. A few years ago, I was volunteering in the Parks Department for a big special event. When I was doing my job, I never really thought of the children who were attending the event. I noticed how happy they were when they played at the event. When I volunteered the next time I took the job more seriously and did a better job communicating with the children when they came to my booth. I learned from my previous communication and I hope my past failures were corrected after I noticed that I was not doing as good a job as I could be doing.
Inevitable communication is one of the most difficult to “see” and the most difficult to “hide”. What I mean by this is we sometimes don’t see what people are communicating because we are not paying attention to body language or the lack of emotions. On the other hand we also show too much emotion like I did when I was playing basketball. I was a very emotional when I was playing. I never thought that I was communicating just by my body language or intensity instead I though by the lack of conversation that I was able to get an upper hand on my opponents.

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At times I think we all wish we could take back something we said. Most of my life I have been pretty good at this but at times I do speak before I listen to what