The End Of Race Olson Analysis

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Race The world has become more and more diverse and varied. The race has been defined by three, which is black, yellow and white. Some people may think race expound by the skin which is biological, but it doesn’t. The race does not fully depends on skin color. It also depends on culture, society, education, income and political. In the reading article, “The End of Race,” Olson focuses on Hawaii for a reason. Hawaii is a real world example, and Olson believes that, “Almost half the people who live in Hawaii now today are of “mixed” ancestry. It means to be mixed is not all obvious genetically, but for formal purposes it means that a person’s ancestors fall into more than one of the (six) “racial” type identified …show more content…
What it means Asian Americans are unable to achieve this high success that they want to achieve. The article is relatively long, expounding on the emotional outbursts of someone who is found to have issues his identity. The author try to target a specific audience- especially a composition of the Asian male populace as the accompanying headshotsof Yang, recent college grad Jefferson Mao, restaurateur Eddie Huang, and "pickupartist" J.T. Tran. There are many amazing Asian children who enter Ivy in the United States, A lot of people admire the parents' education and their child. At the same time, They are also curious to know the children life after college, and what is going on in the competition in the workplace. However, when the children graduated from college, whether society, workplace, or their life and achievements, it is completely not about the score or the test to measure. For example, They have to compete to get the desired girl; They have to compete with others to get what they want to deserve position; On both counts, the perspective of the research statistics, Asian is obviously weak. After graduate college, Although many good Asian enter into a famous corporation, or envious income, but there are only a few people can achieve top management, it is very unfair for many Asian. This is …show more content…
The impact on humanity as a whole, even while still in this current early stage, is an unprecedented dramatic increase in the genetic variation within local populations around the world. Now, immigration and interracial marriages fusion large upfront.Under this trend, "racial" differences will be narrowed. In another word, Human has so many similarities point. Social media coverage and report the news about race day by day, thus it can be seen. Government and social have more and more awareness of racial problems, and retention of culture cherish gradually. The education tells how to behave and treat race problem. Although racial and ethnic politics determined education policy making. The race has been more and more acceptable, such as Olson said “We are members of a single human family, the products of genetic necessity and chance, borne ceaselessly into an unknown future.”
Also, there are many Asian American already make achievement in United States, such as Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, and Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder of NVIDIA,