The End of the World and Death Essay

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The End of the World and Death The following picture shows a large asteroid colliding with Earth, an unimaginable event that would drastically change life as we know it today. Such an impact would have the potential to eventually kill almost every living thing on the planet, including humans. Some may take a look at this picture and see a creative cover page for a book or movie. One could possibly see someone’s prediction for the world coming to an end in 2012, or maybe even imagine Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck saving us from Armageddon with their band of Roughnecks. For me, it is a simple reminder that nothing in this world lasts forever, and that every single day that passes is a gift. Along with all things, time is not infinite. Every living thing has an expiration date, and there are no exceptions. If possible, try to imagine having one single day left to live. How would anyone ever decide how to spend their final twenty-four hours? Some would spend it with the people that they love, or pray to God for the forgiveness of their sins. Maybe one would do something crazy that they have always been too scared to try, such as skydiving or swimming with sharks. Others may decide they would let loose and discover the true meaning of the saying “party like there is no tomorrow.” The point is that most people would choose their time a lot more carefully than normal with that kind of knowledge, doing things that make them truly happy. One fact is that there is but one life to live, and it is impossible to know when that life will come to an end. For that reason, time is one of the most precious things that we as human beings possess. It is more precious than one’s social status, income, type of vehicle, or brand of clothing. In the end, most would probably give many of these things up for more time to spend with loved ones and to do the things that they enjoy. Once time is gone, it can never be taken back. Each day that passes means that we have aged one more day, and that we have one less day in the remaining days of our lives. On one of those remaining days in the future, whether by heart attack, car crash, old age, or even a giant asteroid, everyone has to face death. It could happen today, next week, or if lucky, a hundred years from now. The idea of not knowing when death will come shouldn’t create fear, but instead,