The English Civil War Essay

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The English civil war

Charles I became king of Great Britain on the 27th March 1625, he was a protestant. He believed he was a representative of god, and therefore he was the pope. He made all the choices for himself and he decided to rule without a government. he had no Parliament to give him money so he had to tax his people a lot and introduce stupid taxes like ‘ship money’ to pay for the building of new ships for the navy – this annoyed everyone, especially those who didn’t live near the sea. During 1640 and 1641, Charles fell out with the parliament when they tried to pass a law through the government to give them more power and Charles less. On 4th January 1642 Charles I broke into the House of Commons with 400 soldiers to arrest five Members of Parliament he accused of treason (trying to kill him). They all escaped but Charles I was now so unpopular that there were riots in London. A few months later, a civil war broke out between the Roundheads (supporters of Parliament and led by Oliver Cromwell) and the Cavaliers (supporters of the king). Most of the big towns, including London and the south-east, supported Parliament. Wales, and the north and west of the country were in favour of the king. Charles throughout his regain was open with Catholics and protestants, but the roundheads weren’t. If they were to win they would try and wipe out Catholicism again. This is why most of the cavaliers were Catholics. The first major battle took place on 23rd October 1642 at…