The English Language In India

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The harsh and arrogant words penned by Thomas Macaulay have stirred debates ever since they first appeared. Macaulay made it clear that the purpose of the introduction of an English education system in India would not just be an indoctrination of Indians through textbooks, but would also bring about a cultural transmission among the educated Indians. Although, the words used by Macaulay are unpleasant and severe, the stance he chose to take is not a surprise. Many people today hold the same views. In the modern world, English has indeed become a means of progression. Its users are considered intellectual human beings, capable of succeeding in every walk of life.
Macaulay’s claims regarding Sanskrit and Arabic being languages of the past
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People have forgotten the significance of their native languages whether it is Arabic, Sanskrit, or Hindi. This is due to the misconception that the English language is the most excellent. However, there are several countries doing otherwise. China does not opt to educate the public in English but chooses to do so in Chinese. Neither does England’s neighbor France, where the general public is known to be illiterate in the English language. Both are amongst the most educated, civilized and advanced countries in the world. In international meetings, several leaders from renowned countries have translators by their sides, who translate their native language to English. These leaders do not think that their language is inferior and should not be used to address an international conference. However, we, sadly, are surrounded by people with mindsets like Macaulay’s. We consider those who cannot speak the English language illiterate and incapable of advancing in the world. We hold today the same perspectives Thomas Macaulay did when presenting his speech. We are inspired by the western culture, and many today from amongst our own society would salute Macaulay for his words.

“History is written by the victors” is a very famous quote by the former war time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The British were aware of this fact well before he said it, and did everything in their power to make themselves the victors and rewrite history. However, it also cannot be denied that by providing access to the knowledge and techniques of the West, the British offered the means by which the indigenous peoples of India could throw off the British