The Epic Of Gilgamesh NDW 2014 Essay

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This epic is a story of a ruler who becomes overly confident in his own personal abilities. Gilgamesh, Emperor of the city of Uruk, is two thirds god and one-third man. In his time as King, he builds massive ziggurats, surrounds Uruk, an enormous city, with walls, and it is beautiful. Gilgamesh mistreats his citizens because of he is overly confident, in fact he rapes women he finds attractive married or not. He also barges into a woman’s bridal room and proceeds to rape her before her wedding day. The gods notice his lack of proper rule and decide to make a man just as powerful as Gilgamesh. They create a wild man who lives with the animals named Enkidu. One day, a trapper notices this man lying with the animals and alerts the nearest people. They send a prostitute out nurture him back into civilization. Once Enkidu has sex with the prostitute, Shamat, the animals leave him because he is a human now. After battling, Gilgamesh and Enkidu become friends. The new friends journey to a forest where morals are forbidden. They encounter beast and cut down a tree with the help of the sun god. After this conquest, the gods make Enkidu very sick. Enkidu has dreams of the underworld and explains his visions to Gilgamesh. Enkidu dies not long after him becoming sick. Furious with his friends death, Gilgamesh sets out to find somebody who can grant eternal life upon himself. He finds the man who is similar to Noah, in the bible, but this man will not tell him the secret. However, this man’s wife tells him where to find a plant that will restore his youthfulness. Gilgamesh finds the plant and is bringing it back to the Elders when a serpent