The Erotica Short Story

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Erotica Short Story
Natalia let her fingertips trace the curve of her smooth breast, stopping to curl around her hard nipple. Despite the warmth from the fire in which she and John were cuddled in front of, her nipples were hard and were only getting harder as John sucked and nibbled at the other one. She ran her other hand through his hair, dragging her nails gently across his scalp and down the back of his neck. He nipped harder on her nipple in response, sending a rush of electricity between her legs, which were already spread wide open as John massaged her most sensitive parts.
She turned her head and kissed him, full and deep, as his fingers slid back and forth over her wet clit. He then slides his fingers in, going very deep. As he quickened
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Warmth spread and Natalia felt herself on the edge, knowing she was going over, but drawing in every last second she could. The moments right before her orgasm were her very favorite, when the world fell away and she was in a state of an exceptional frenzy.
John whispered in her ear as she cried out. She couldn’t make out what he said and it didn’t matter, because she simply didn’t care at that point. The waves of pleasure rolled through her, making her body limp as she lies on the pillows that are scattered across the floor. As her rapid breathing lessens, John’s lips whispered against the skin of her stomach, trailing kisses from her belly button to her lips.
Still on her back, John slides on top of her, placing his forearms above her shoulders to allow him to look down at her. It was intimate, this face-to-faceness. He could see her eyes look down for his cock, her slight smile as she took it in her hands, feeling its length and squeezing it, before guiding him gently into her. One smooth push and he was deep inside, she gripped his cock as he carefully drew it from