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Case Commentary 3


Section 1: This article is about how the Obama administration is pushed back the option of choosing different coverage plans till 2015 for businesses. This delay has major impacts on small businesses. With the administration saying that this option of choosing different coverage plans for the employees of small businesses would be ready by the end of this year it hurts the small companies. Because this option of choosing different types of health plans have only been available to large corporations and small businesses have one health insurance plan with several administration difficulties.

Section 2a: This is a moral issue because they are going back on their word. They have stated over and over again how this option of choosing health care plans for small business employees would be available at the end of this year and it isn’t. They keep pushing back the date and it is affecting businesses.

Section 2b: The correlation of the moral problem to business is that legislators are manipulating this process. They are the ones that keep pushing back the dates that this feature will be open to small businesses. The legislation keeps telling them one date and pushing them back. It is making it hard for people that have small businesses and