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The essay, The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie was very well written, and used a clear essay structure; following the order of writing. The introduction starts with the question “Who does not enjoy a good mystery?” which is a good method to grasp the readers’ attention. The paragraph guides from general to specific ideas, such as stating different authors to effectively influence a diverse group of readers, and creates an organized path to the thesis that is very eye-catching and prominent in the paragraph. After a bold introduction, the body paragraphs support the thesis by providing examples of Christie’s works and how they related to her in the same order that was given in the introduction. Linking the paragraphs together, body paragraphs allow uniformity and evoke the opinion of the essay. By doing this, the readers are heavily convinced that Christie is really the “Queen of Crime”. Following the body paragraphs is the conclusion, which begins with a specific topic that broadens at the end. This is a reverse effect from the introduction. Instead of repeating the thesis, the conclusion of this essay briefly outlines the supportive points for the opinion and expands by relating her success to everyday life. Readers can reach an agreement at this point in the essay and because the conclusion speaks to a wide, diverse group of readers. In a sense, this gives the reader an “awe” effect, ending with a nicely encapsulated essay. The effectiveness of essay structure has clearly been proven in the essay provided, and gave me a thorough understanding of why organization is so important in essay writing.

The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie Analysis

An effective essay is well-organized and carries the information in the order that helps the readers understand and enjoy the work. I believe the essay, “The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie”, demonstrates a well-written and effective essay for it follows the order of writing an essay; the introduction, the body and the conclusion and each step are quite detailed. The essay has a good introduction. The information in the introduction follows the example, “a triangle standing on its point,” suggested earlier in the unit. It means that the writer should work his or her information from general to specific; and it is true for this essay, because as we can see