The Evolution Of Marriage In Paul Taylor's The Next America

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The Transformation of Marriage
Is the institution of marriage changing or is it dying? Marriage used to be defined as a special union between two people that would last a lifetime. In Paul Taylor’s The Next America he explains the evolution of marriage. In our modern world marriage is evolving into what we make of it. The dictionary defines marriage as closed union that unites two people. It used to be defined as a contract where the woman was given to a man. Then it evolved to union before the eyes of God bounding a man and a woman till death. The meaning will continue to evolve until the word marriage will mean nothing. Everyone defines marriage a different way because we are all different. Some people believe marriage is a waste of time and money. Others believe it is something special that will last a long time. And there are those who believe it is a right of passage.
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Many couples don't want to get married because they feel the government has taken what belongs to the church, which is control over the institution of marriage. Dr. Keith Ablow in “Cameron Diaz Is Right -- 4 Reasons Why Marriage IS a Dying Institution” expresses his opinion about the government's power over the institution of marriage, “Government involvement means that love and commitment become sterile, linked to legislation and weighted down with legal implications that are psychologically suffocating” (par.6). Marriage is a union between two people before the eyes of God not the eyes of the law. The government has even made marriage a luxury for citizens of this country but with a twist. Marriage laws will control your marriage. They feel they have to because it is their job to “protect” all citizens. Some feel like their privacy is being invaded and don’t want to get married. The sole fact that the government feels the need to “protect” the institution of marriage makes marriage less