Essay about The Evolution and Impact of Information Technology in Businesses

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The Evolution and Impact of Information Technology in Businesses
Introduction to Business
January 15, 2013

The Evolution and Impact of Information Technology in Businesses
The rise of the technological advancement in society has had a major impact in today’s business world. Technological development has restructured the way businesses operate effecting the business structure, advertisement, marketing, and communication. With the advancement of information technology, coupled globalization the business environment has been thrust into global market forever changing the boundaries resulting in unlimited business opportunities across the globe. Although technology coupled globalization has a major impact on business world, there
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Digital filing systems save space, paper and printing costs. The use of computer systems allows corrections to be made instantly. Resources like electronic files and access to information technology are available with the click of a button (Scott,). In the field of Human Resource (HR) it has improved the efficiency of screening, recruiting and hiring potential candidates. Businesses utilize the internet to spread the word about the business and advertise job openings. HR managers can target candidates by using digital advertising technology and use technologies like personality assessments and screening tools allow businesses to determine whether a potential candidate is an appropriate fit for the organization(Scott, ).
Electronic gadgets such as cell phones, smartphones, Ipads are amazing communication tools that have made the world a smaller place for everyone and these devices that have allowed businesses to communicate with employees and others while on the move. We carry these electronic gadgets with us everywhere and whenever we choose. Information technology has also given the businesses ability to advertise instantly with these devices reaching a targeted group or a wider customer base and grow to higher levels. For example, television advertising is very expensive and only reaches a target audience during specified times of the day and magazine advertising is only viewed by a select few. The internet coupled with social networks has