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The evolution of the telephone outline
The marvelous invention of the phone allows individuals the ability to communicate twenty four hours a day with the entire world. The telephone and its function have changed drastically over the last thirty years. The technology of the phone and its capability of accessing the world have improved tremendously. Leading it to become the single most used electronic device in the world. Society has become so dependent upon the new generation of the phone that many individuals fill as if they are lost and cannot live without their phone. Whether that is good, bad or indifferent depending on the individual, one thing that is for certain is that people will never stop talking so there will always be a demand for the telephone. The telephone is here to stay and will continue to evolve as technology does. The telephone starting out as a traditional landline that was restricted to the inside individuals home or business; there for leading to the invention of the first cordless phone in the 1970’s, that eventually lead to the invention of the cell phone to the world.

The traditional landline telephone system consisted of a device that converted sound

into electronic signals suitable for transmission of media over extended areas of land.

A. The essential element of the handset that allowed communication is a transmitter to B. speak into and an earphone to receive the voice of the distant person.

The traditional landline telephone is connected by a set of wires to the telephone network and is restricted to the area where the handset is connected to the wires. C. The landline was designed for the simple voice communication. Allowing individuals the opportunity to network verbally but not much more. The handset phone lacked the capabilities that were needed in the ever changing fast pace of the world leading to the invention of the cordless phone.

In the 1980’s the cordless phone was introduced to the public and quickly replaced the

traditional corded handset. The base of the station of the cordless phone replaced the

handset with a radio link, that is connected to the traditional landline this allows the

individual the ability to know walk and talk at the same time.

The cordless phone relies on frequency channels that are adjusted by the individual A. to establish a clear conversation. The cordless phone also requires a battery and

electricity to be able to communicate. Far different from the handset which required


B. The overall performance and security of using the cordless phone over the open

airways made this phone very controversial. Leading to a new era of phone safety

and concerns. This new found way of communication with movement ignited an

ever burning torched that continues to advance in ways that were never imaginable.

C. The cordless phone with the help of the phone companies eventually integrated the way to mobile phones which were first used within car but have since evolved into the cell phone.

The introduction of the cell phone to the business world and eventually to the

common public was phenomenal and the use of it spread like a wild fire. Upon first

being released to the public it was used for conversation only. The cell phone

companies gradually increased its features over time allowing it to now be used for

so much more than communication purposes alone.

A. The initial cell phone was expensive costing thousands of