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The executive analysis

What is the subject of this poem? How does the poet represent it?

This poem is about a young and arrogant executive of a business corporation. It conveys the destructive nature of new generations and their disregard of the values of older generations.

Betjeman represents this young executive through adopting a hilarious parody of corporate speech.

Betjeman’s critical nature towards the executive is not carried with a resentful or angry language. He is rather amused by the outrageously stereotypical character. Many of these stereotypes may have been brought into his life at a young age as he

What is the purpose of this poem? How can you tell?

The theme or purpose so to speak of the poem is not clearly defined. The executive is nowhere definitive, but illustrates a number of different themes. The main theme throughout the poem is the conversation that is carried out includes everything said by the executive in an emphasising, arrogant nature.

Though, saying this

This emphasis on the arrogant nature is very easily identifiable by the caesura’s located throughout the poem.

What insights about Diversity and diverse views do the poems represent?
How do they represent them?

The Poem shows a view of people which only a small amount of people would see/notice. It is the view of a very rich, arrogant, young executive

How has your study of the poems developed your understanding of diverse viewpoints?

The poem executive developed my understanding of viewpoints within the executive world and, to a certain extent how they think people perceive them.

What is one significant figurative device the poet uses in the poem and why do they use it?

The use of childish rhyme throughout the poem was used to convey that the executive was childish and immature. This also shows how there are multiple different breeds of executives/ professionals throughout the world

How important is an understanding of context to interpretation of this