The Existence of God Essay

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Name: Michael Williams Course: Phi 100 Spring 2013 “The Existence of God”

There is no way I can deny the existence of God, and the existence of religion. Atheists rely heavily on science to make their claim to God’s non existence and likewise religion.
Recasting traditional formal arguments and beliefs in scientific language gives them greater credibility in the minds of many. I respect the opinion of atheist and other free thinkers, but I do not share their beliefs in the non existence of God. However I agree that formal arguments have a place in discussions of religions and religious concerns. While many take God’s existence as absolutely necessary on the basis of authority, faith, or revelation, I think it is relevant that we demonstrate by both reason and theology that there must be a God.

The existence of such a holy being is too massive within its authority to only use one set of guidelines to approve its credibility. God’s existence must be based on not only religious factors but also formal factors. There are many formal arguments to consider when we dwell in the existence of good, like wise religious factors. They both coincide hand in hand to prove the existence of God. If we analyzed the moral argument which credits God’s existence, we would proceed with the fact that God must exist, because a moral norm must have a moral foundation.

There has to be a God! Arguments against God’s existence have been given by philosophers, atheists and agnostics. Some of these arguments find God’s existence incompatible with observed facts; some are arguments that God does not exist because the concept of God is incoherent or confused. Others are the criticisms of the proofs offered for God’s existence. Every formal or religious argument will have its strengths and weaknesses but the conclusion will arrive in one direction, and that is the fact that
God has to exist, an entity has to be responsible for the evolution of life. God in my heart and soul does exist. He is a man, a soul, a creator, an all-knowing being. He knows the answers to the questions that have no answers, and…