The Experience Of Being An International Student

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Memoir In this modern society, people always exciting to travel foreign countries. At the same time, they are also curious and fear about local customs, culture and so on. The biggest obstacle is culture, once you entry other country, you will need to face totally different culture and custom. You may have violate others’ boundary. Another problem is language, there are thousands different language in the world. When people met trouble in somewhere, they even could not speak out their problems which is a very tough. For personal experiences, I have met many awkward situations during my life of being international student. Focusing on culture difference and local language is the most important thing for being international student or foreign traveler. When you are living in foreign country, the biggest barrier is the language. It is a bridge to connect emotion of people, exchange of intelligence and transmission idea. The first thing is I have been the U.S. for six years, first year in New York City, second year in St. Louis, then move to Utah, Salt Lake City. I felt there are big differences in culture between China and the U.S. I remember that I first to entry my dormitory, I found that is dorm daze apartment and three girls were living in cross from our apartment. When we first meet, they give me hug and one of them give me a cheek kiss, I was totally shocked. In my country, we won’t give stranger hugs, especially not cheek kiss, if you did, you will get a punch from others and people also will judge you. There is other awaked thing that she just