The Explaination of the Femal Role Essay

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The Explanation of Women’s Prejudices Have Been Destroyed
Considering about the distinction of gender roles and using the comparison between male and female, who has more restriction than the others that is very difficult method to do. Because the progress of the humanity step by step has been reinforced the role of women is very much in their social life today. Consequently, the gap of the people’s thinking about the gender role is not obviously than the distinguishing level in some decades in the past. Therefore, we have lots of ideas to compare about gender roles between two sides female and male who has more restriction than the other side. Moreover, in the constitution of Western countries, women and girls had always had more respectful thinking than the same female persons who grow up in Eastern countries, such as women in Middle East, Southeastern Asia, and the rest of countries around the world. Female or male who has more restriction than others? The interesting topic about the gender role is challenged us to think and explain its so much. We have to follow in some ways of women and men about their education, occupation, and social life, women prestige, and reproduction ages in their lives.
First of all, female is not has a good condition as the same of male. Through Eastern cultures women have more restricted by their education than men, and the female restriction is the main thing was prevented of women to developing their high education too much. Because they must have a great mission unable changed from the creator, and they must have nurtured babies when they in the reproductive ages. Likewise, they must be stand behind the men who must be protect them in their lives because people always have thought to women as a loving mother to take care their children all the time. Working in household, and supporting their husbands is necessary because women always have more gentle, and nurtured their offspring easier than men. Similarly, they always are the best choice of family members to management, accounting and as a loving mother. However, the restriction points of women are blurry, and women tend to be leaderships and managements in some of men fields. In fact, women are passing men very much, and they are not stand behind men anymore. For example, thirty-five percent of women in the United States are working in the government as leaderships, and scientific managements.
The second way is, time has changed, a lot of female prejudices were destroyed in the intercultural world, and women have been successes in human communication in society through their compassion, feminine, and gentle. Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and some countries in Asia have fifty-three percent of women who have working in their social network via the Internet. Moreover, most of women have teaching in the high educational environment, liberal humanity, commercial art, mathematic, and a big number of women were famous artists, dancers, poets, and writers. In other words, the role of women was improved in the new century, and they have been successful diplomacy by their prestige leadership. The versatile knowledge and their educational proficiency were helped them step by step to passing over men. For example, Ms. Hilary Clinton, she was the best successful woman in the United States because she was convinced to many countries to connecting together through her diplomat jobs. She was the former 67th Secretary of the U.S States served under President Barack Obama. As a result, several countries in Southeast Asia have been developing their income nations, against the poverty, and lacking education. Another example, with a popular speech, Oprah Winfrey said, ”It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” She is telecommunication's woman and became celebrity in this century.
The third way is, for a