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Personal Portfolio: The Extended Curriculum Vitae

Reflecting on your achievements and recording your experience.

The Latin ‘Curriculum vitae' actually means 'the course of your life'. We suggest you create an extended CV in your first year then continue to add to and maintain the document throughout your degree course. The point of this extended curriculum is to encourage you to record your achievements and experiences. By doing this exercise, you can create a CV when you need to, by editing and tailoring your extended CV.

A good CV should contain the 'edited highlights' that will sell you to a prospective employer. Effectively prospective graduate employers are seeking knowledge, skills and experience from candidates, and a CV is your opportunity to present these attributes.

Personal details
Name nyasha
Address: 216 dudley road
Phone no.:07440303778
Email address: nyasa03@liveyoumom

Part I (*delete as appropriate)

GCSE maths, English, Ict, business, science, Btec P.E, R.e
School/College etc.:7
List dates, subjects and target grades:

Other qualifications
In 2014i was award a qualification for sports (sports leader ship award)

Awards. For academic and non-academic achievements at school,


Experience with Information Technology
Examples: Using e-mail, Word processing essays/reports/dissertations. Using www for research. Successfully completed modules using Statistics (MINITAB/ SPSS/EXCEL),GIS (ARCINFO), programming, databases. I have a big experience with new technology and old, I have an good understand with new and old tech, I have studied ict as

Work Experience/Work Placements. Place the most recent work experience first. Write a sentence on what this work involved/involves.

Interests. Include any club involvement

Voluntary work:

Academic Referees. Normally you would include two academic referees; your tutor and one other member of staff who knows you and your academic abilities.

Position in school
Phone Number

Position in School :
Phone Number

Non-academic Referees. For some applications it may be important to include a referee from outsideschool, for example a supervisor on a work placement scheme, a manager with your part-time employer or someone who knows your voluntary work. This particularly useful if the work experience is relevant for the post you are applying for.

Position in company
Phone Number
Part II

You will need to use your skills assessment form to help you with the next section of the CV. Examples are given in each section to guide you. All, some or none of the examples may apply to you but each skill listed is highly regarded by employers and we encourage you think of examples and to fill in and maintain these sections.

Some general comments:
Rather than simply list your modules, experience etc. you can enhance your CV to provide evidence of key skills and knowledge and demonstrate your experiences to a prospective employer.
Statements like that of Student B might appear on a CV or be spoken at interview - really good examples include the evidence.

Demonstrate where you have undertaken: Decision Making
Examples: Module choices made to support personal ambitions. Choosing between vacation work options to gain experience to support career ambitions. Choosing accommodation to meet both financial constraints and personal desires.

Demonstrate where you have undertaken: Problem Solving
Examples: Finding ways to live on limited money and study without failing the degree. Prioritising workloads: academic v social v employment.