Essay about The Fall of Rome

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The “Fall” of Rome When a relationship falls apart it is from more than one problem. Just as a relationship can end from cheating, growing apart or going different paths it’s not hard for an empire to end. Even if the bond between them is serious it can collapse just like Rome. Political instability, economic and civic decay, and military mistakes were some of the reasons why Rome fell. Of these, the most important reason was political instability. One important reason Rome fell was from military mistakes. Some changes in the Roman military like abandoning their armor, because it was too heavy led to soldiers always being injured. Also the failure to enforce conscription, which is the drafting of soldiers, would weaken Rome because they did not have enough soldiers. Even the Huns tribe helped explain a decline of the Roman Empire because they are “glued to their horses” causing their enemies to be stronger. This is a clear precedent of how Rome “fell” because it made the government weaker so it was not worth saving. A second important reason that Rome fell was from economic and civic decay. Like in Will Durant’s essay he talks about if a man has no education then there is no civilization. He also states “any serious interruption in its financing or its transmission may bring it to an end” which is saying that any factor can hurt a civilization. Will Durant is also saying there must be political order and perhaps some unity to give life meaning or something for people to devote themselves to. This contributed to the fall of Rome because it shows that just like in an empire and a relationship there must be some kind of devotion in it or it will soon come to an end.
While the first two reasons are important, the primary reason that