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Liz Bullock The Fall of the Berlin Wall: 25th Anniversary The Berlin Wall, constructed in August of 1961 by the German Democratic Republic, was a glaring reminder of Soviet control that separated the citizens of Berlin for decades. This was especially true for those who lived in East Berlin. Those who were unfortunate enough to live in the East simply wanted to escape into West Berlin where the United States, Britain, and
France were under control. Going into West Berlin meant getting out of the grasp of the communism that consumed the East. Before 1961, over one thousand people moved to West Berlin. After the wall was built, the people of East Berlin were faced with a greater challenge. If they tried to cross over the wall, they risked being shot or captured. It is estimated that around two hundred people died trying to cross into West Berlin. Some citizens of East Berlin began to get creative in their escape attempts. For example, people spent years working on tunnels that connected the East to the
West in a desperate attempt to evade their bleak surroundings. But for the majority of East
Berliners, there was no way out. A glimmer of hope became visible for the East Berliners as the Communist Party that occupied their side of city began to collapse. Then, finally on November 9, 1989, the new East
German government declared that East Berliners were allowed to cross the border that separated them from West Berlin. Soon after this announcement, thousands of East and West

Berliners gathered at the wall to either cross into or welcome those crossing into West Berlin.
By the early 90’s, the wall was finally being torn down. This was the ‘fall’ of the Berlin Wall. Twenty five years later, Berlin is a city full of life and innovation. For the twenty fifth anniversary of the Wall falling, illuminated balloons were placed along the path where the…