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O’Connell 1
Megan O’Connell
Mr. Dengler
English 1010
10 October 2012
Cheating Impacts Lives Cheating has become an epidemic around the world with gloating success and triumphing when others plunder. My parents got divorced when I was seven years old. Devastated with crushed dreams and confused about relationships. Believing love is eternal and people live happy ever after. I continued to see cheating in school and throughout young adulthood. Cheating impacted my life by teaching me independence and to be self-sufficient. Religion and past society taught me marriage is a bond of trust and loyalty however current society doesn’t support that. Remembering as a young girl watching Walt Disney movies where cheating doesn’t occur and weddings are grand and glamorous. Playing dress up with the next door neighbor’s daughter and having pretend weddings in our backyards. Being too immature and too young to comprehend movies and backyard weddings are make believe. Tormented with screaming and fighting at home crying myself to sleep and asking my daddy why mommy wasn’t home. Blaming her absence on toys not picked up and vegetables left on my plate untouched. Feeling left out at family reunions and taunted by my cousins because my mother was the first to get divorced. Youth blinded all reason behind a failed marriage and shielded the truth because it was beyond my understanding. Learning many years later my mother cheated and having to grasp my sister was the end result. O’Connell 2
By the time puberty came my mother had been remarried twice and divorced twice more. My father to heartbroken and busy raising me found no time and no one worthy of dating. Even now I cannot stomach the thought my mother was the unfaithful part of my parent’s marriage. Women are caring and nurturing creatures by nature a cheating women is an embarrassment to woman kind and all wives. Never in my twenty two years of life have I ever been dishonest and disloyal to my fiancé David. My father wanted to have friends and deep down find someone to spend time with so he joined a group called Parents without Partners. Seeing my father mingling with others with the same interest brought happiness in our lives as well I made friends with the other parents’ children. The remarkable thing is most parents never ended up dated each other, however the kids do. I was one of those lucky kids; David’s mom the year previous went through a divorce and joined the group. School was starting to let out and every Wednesday during the summer the group had picnics a nice way for kids and their parents to get out and enjoy the summertime. The first week in June that year at the group’s picnic is where I meet David. High school David and I never spoke too much because we went to different schools, and we were too busy with sports and part time jobs. This was a blessing in disguise allowing me to date and explore relationships in school. Later in high school we became the best of friends and senior year he finally built up enough courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. Leaving high school felt like encaging myself from a prison cell. Where I had to dress and act a certain way and feeling pressured to belong and to be noticed. Having cheating boyfriends and betrayed by friends while media secretly drilling promiscuous action is okay by using fashion and television.

O’Connell 3
My mind full of poisons garbage media had focus feed causing impulsive decisions. Over powering all reason and allowing myself to continue acting immature. Making choices I would regret for the rest of my life. Moving out of my father’s houses before I was mentally and financially stable was the biggest mistake of my life. I struggled to make rent on time and had debt collectors swarming over me like hungry bees. Alienating myself from the world by having no friends and family to lean on while on the brink of losing everything caused by hatred and blame. Instead of dealing with the truth