The Fall: A Story Of A Missing father Figure Essay

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Prof. Jenny Ashley
October 6, 2011
Missing Father Figure Throughout the movie, "The Fall", I notice that Alexandria is a gullible little girl and easily manipulated by Roy. Alexandria succumbs to Roy's tale because she can feel the fatherly love she once used to feel for her father. Alexandria meets Roy at the hospital because of an accident she had while working in the fields. She doesn't know much about Roy and she runs into him because a letter she wrote that flew out the window and landed on Roys' lap. Roy's a kind nice young man introduces himself and I guess from first sight she like is way of being. After getting to know each other a little more Roy tells her a creative, colorful, and adventurous tale. A ear catching story that would catch any little kid attention. Another one of the reasons Alexandria is so into the tale is because it fits her personality. Roy convinces her by telling her to get him some morphine pills from the medicine cabinets which he uses to sleep. He uses the excuse that he needs rest to continue the tale the following day. Alexandria knows taking the medication from the cabinets is stealing and is a wrong thing to so she denies the favor the first time. Roy later uses taking the bread from the church against her. Roy quotes, " it's not stealing if you really need it". Alexandria later gives into the meaning of the quote and gets convinced by Roy. Roy's state of mind is at the depression, suicidal level. At the beginning of the movie Roy was still kind of in denial because of the fact of that he's paralyzed for life. Towards the climax of the movie Roy's starts using morphine to ease the inner pain and in the long run to overdose on morphine which will cause death. Roy's depression kicks in when he finds out his girlfriend is leaving him. Both dramatic situations clash together and that's when he notices that everyone has left him and he has no one to speak to. The only person that listens to him is Alexandria. In the resolution