The False Definition Of Success

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Success is one of the most desired qualities of human life. The need of success is a direct effect of the majority and their opinions of a false definition of success. The Oxford dictionary definition of success is “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”. I agree with this definition, but majority of people think that success can be measured by an opinion. I disagree with the majority, it is impossible and inconsistent to measure success through opinion. Being a sixteen year old male, in high school, I am under extreme and constant pressure to be successful in the majorities eyes. This leads to depression, and physiological problems that make it impossible to concentrate in life and your life’s goal, which make you fail your goals in life. Success is a major topic because of this pressure, but this pressure comes from a false definition of success that is measured by opinion, which makes it inconsistent and incapable. …show more content…
The majority share similar opinions like finishing high school, going to college, having a high salary job, maintaining happiness, huge amounts of popularity and having a healthy marriage, or family. If these opinions that seem more like a requirement are not completed, then its is simply a failure. For example, someone who does not complete high school and are unhappy is considered a failure even if they meet the other “requirements”, because of this importance scale. If your happy and went to college, but make low wages your still a failure. The Oxford dictionary definition of failure is the lack of success. If these opinions are scaled like this, then how is it possible for something to not be considered a failure? I