The Family Guy: Superlative Multi-Paragraph Essay

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Superlative Multi-Paragraph Essay Even though Tom is getting older and older each day, he is still a hardworking, supportive, and caring man. Although he could retire and travel the world like he wishes to, he chooses to work and supports his family. As of now he is 70 years old, still managing his company. Waking up at six in the morning each week day and working till 3 p.m. He doesn’t complain about his job or having to wake up early. Tom knows he has to support his family; paying all the bills and buying most of the grocery for his family. Without him, his family wouldn’t have a decent house to be living in. Tom is one of the hardest workers in this world today. Tom wasn’t very fortunate when he was younger. His mother passed away while he was 20 months old. He didn’t have much food or even fancy clothes to wear. Back in his time, there wasn’t technology like now today or even transportation. He doesn’t want his kids to grow up like he did. Tom wants his kids to have a better life than he had back then. Tom can be strict on his kids sometimes, but it’s mostly about education. He wants his kids to have the best education and go far in life. Not some dropout that works full-time at McDonalds that can’t even pay rent on his own. Tom would often lecture his sons every two weeks or so, saying that for them to have whatever they want such as houses or cars, they have to study hard and go to college. It will all pay off in the future as long as you work hard right