The Family System in Brazilian Culture Essays

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Family Life Brazil culture and society supports traditional family system. The family mainly comprise of couple and their children. Emotional bonds are highly respected in the family. Families are smaller in size. Single parents, remarried couples are increasing in number now. Females are responsible for household duties and children. Males are responsible for earning bread, but now this scenario is changing and females are also coming forward and are sharing financial responsibility with their male counterparts. Women plays equal role in the Brazil family and society. Children show great care and respect for their parents. Children are also given due affection and respect.
Government Brazil Government is a successful combination of democracy and federalism. As one of the largest democracies in the world, government in Brazil operates with the help of three distinct branches, the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The Executive branch of Brazil government has the President as the head of the state and the government. He is elected on the peoples votes. The Brazilian Executive Cabinet comprises ministries, secretaries and other agencies and offices who together contribute towards smooth running and functioning of the Brazil government. The Legislative department of Brazilian government consists of two houses. The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, together called the National Congress. Representatives from each Brazilian state compose the Senate while the Chamber of Deputies is made up of Federal Deputies. Both the Senators and the Deputies are elected for a duration of 8 year.


The majority of the population of Brazil speaks Portuguese. English is second most used language in the country, but people of Brazil are believed to have poor fluency of the English language. Spanish is one of the growing languages in the country. Brazil alphabet is the Portuguese alphabet because of the language. More than one language is common in Brazil because of country surrounding it. Students probably won’t learn a new language in school but probably by family they will. I transfer “I want to learn more about this country” in Portuguese is “Eu quero aprender mais sobre este país.”