The Faults Of Love Essay

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Jehaenah de Ramos
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English 10
Ms. Grgic The Faults of Love Love is blind, yet no matter how pure, or how immense, love can never be immortal.
Both literary pieces
La Belle Dame Sans Merci alongside
Frankie and Johnny are two tragic poems where a lover is led to an ultimate demise. Thus, even though love is seen as never immortal, both texts allow the reader to experience different conditions of strong love through variations of descriptive language and setting. Both
La Belle Dame Sans Merci and
Frankie and Johnny feature a tragic love story with crucial selfish actions. In
La Belle Dame
, a wandering knight and a beautiful fairy were lovers. However, the fairy had to abandon the wandering knight due to unspoken reasons.
Hence, the knight was left all alone­­he wandered through the forest not knowing whether he was awaiting his death or hoping for the return of the fairy. At the end of the poem, the reasons for the knight’s depression and sickness were revealed (he had fallen victim to betrayal and abandonment). However, the fairy was so beautiful and enigmatic the knight remained captivated and continued to long for her. Visibly, the fairy seems to be a classic self­centred and attention seeking vixen who leads on innocent young men, she tends to desert them in the end when paying attentive attention to the portrayal of her character.
Hence, there is a lot more to see beyond the character’s surface. For instance, throughout the poem she was subtly described to have had a sad, wild eyes, her sighs sorrowful, and her gaze dolorous. We could assume that the fairy is as unfortunate as her lovers had been, maybe even worse. We could theorize that the fairy is bound and cursed by fate to walk on earth for eternity to fall in love with mortals again and again, only to have to leave them in the end because they grow old while she remains young. While, in the poem,
Frankie and
, although the setting and the situation is different from
La Belle Dame
, it still tells a tale of a tragic love story. Frankie had decided to kill her Johnny because he had cheated on her with Nelly Bly. The pain of not being the only woman in Johnny’s heart, was too much for her, she played a lose­lose game. She made sure no one else could have her man by killing him, in doing so she also ensured that she would be put on the electric chair for her actions.
Frankie’s love for Johnny, may have skewed her in a derange direction, it was still true.
Frankie and Johnny
, is a story of love gone mad. On a closer note on the characters, if you pay closer attention to the fairy of
La Belle Dame and Frankie of
Frankie and Johnny
, you would see that they are more alike than different. Both of these women had hurt, abandoned, and killed their lovers in more than one way possible. Both of them had self­serving reasons for choosing what they did: Frankie killed Johnny out of jealousy and misery while the fairy killed and forsaken the knight, to theoretically help save whatever is left of her shredded heart.
Nonetheless, these two women’s selfish reasons had made their already dreadful love stories, ended in a more catastrophic resolution than need be.

The poems
La Belle Dame beside
Frankie and Johnny differs greatly in the situation and circumstances the lovers were thrown upon, as well as the used of the descriptive language of their respective eras and setting.
La Belle Dame is older, more on the medieval side. It tells a story of a very desolate, gloomy and super­naturalistic events. The macabre description of the setting, although it does nothing to move along the story, adds to the paranormal and melancholic atmosphere of the story. The morbid descriptions also create a suspenseful and mysterious aura behind the characters.
La Belle Dame is a fairy tale but not like the ones we see in Disney movies. It is a fairy tale that is dark,