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Reyna Canales
Friday 5:40
Professor Gillihan
The Favorites Every family has there issues, some are crazy and some are problematic but my family is a nightmare. I come from a family of five. My mother (Maritza), raised four kids on her own driving eighteen wheeler trucks. My older brother (Dennis), the “rebel”. My younger twin brothers (Danny and Michael), the “favorites”. Then theres me, the middle child and second mother to all three of my bothers. When my mom is not around I’m the boss of the house. My brothers do everything I tell them to do and they do it. Even if my oldest brother is twenty-nine years old he comes to me for advice.
Dennis left home when he turned 15. Maritza and him had a huge argument because he got home late. They fought for an hour until he called the police. He told the police that she had beaten him with a phone. Which was not true, even though I was only 4 years old I understood what was happening. My brother charged her with domestic violence but I was an innocent child and they used me as a witness I testified to the social worker what really happened. Its been thirteen years since then and it looks like I’m stuck in the same situation.
I graduated from high school about four months ago, My family was so proud of me and so was I because I’m the first to graduate from the family of five. But my thunder was stolen by the favorite children. The day before my graduation I decided to have a big breakfast with my family and my boyfriends (Matthew) family. My mother was in the dinning table talking to my boyfriends mom and my aunt. Danny and Matthew were playing video games in the living room, Michael was still sleeping. And I was in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone.
I was listening to my moms conversation about my brothers addiction to video games. They absolutely hate it when my mom tells other people about our family problems and I knew that danny was going to get mad. I tried to change the conversation but it was too late danny over heard and he responded to her explanation. They had a small dispute. When it ended danny went into the room and told Michael what mom had said bout them. I was really scared of Michael finding out because he has a temper.
All of a sudden I see him rushing to my mom and he started yelling in her face mean things and pointing out her faults and she ignored him. But then he told her something she will never forget, he told her “you are the worst mother anyone could have”.
She looked at him with so much pain and anger. She slowly got up from her chair and ripped their play station console off the wall! And like a silver back gorilla she slammed it in the kitchen floor next to me! Michaels eyes filled up with anger and hatred. He was a different person. He ran towards her, pushed me on to the door and pinned my mom on to the wall. Matthew immediately got up from the couch and so did his mother to get Michael off of maritza. They some how mange to get him off of her. And she escaped from him she started walking towards my room. All of a sudden I see danny running towards her so I ran to him and grabbed him in a choke hold, while Matthew and his mom tried to calm Michael down. But the more he was held back the harder he breathed and his eyes grew more angry.
Danny somehow escaped my grip and decided to run towards my mom he pushed her onto the floor and started