The Fear Of Media Technology Essay

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Kristen Lacefield
November 2, 2013

The Fear of Media Technology In “The Hunger Games” Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray illustrates the abuse of power and the misuse of technology. Technology was invented to make a lot of things in life easier, but in “The Hunger Games” technology made their lives much harder. The struggle for survival cause much anxieties and changes in each character. This film depicts how media can have an affect on ones reality perception, and how much of a strange anxiety one gets from technology. Sconce theory states “How cultural anxiety over media technology elicits both aggression and fear”. In the film “The Hunger Games” the capitol made kids kill each other as a game and television show. These kids sit and wait for a siren to sound; knowing that this is now a life or death situation, the kids now have to prepare for the worst and so does their parents. They fear for their lives but they don’t have any other choices. They must become aggressive to live. This is scene takes place in virtual woods. Everything was totally made up. Knowing that anything can happen, this causes anxiety with each character and with nature as well. Another scene from the film shows when each tribute has to be even more aggressive and prove to their sponsor and to the people that voted for them that they’re worth sponsoring and voting for.

Kant’s theory states that “We have no direct experience of anything in itself (noumena) but only a perception of it as filtered through our senses and brain (phenomenon)”. In “The Hunger Games” there was a scene where Katniss, one of the main characters also known as the girl on fire, see her father and other men get blown to pieces in an underground room or walkway. It was like she was physically there but in reality she is just hallucinating. When Katniss saw the fire, her brain displayed the scene in which her father was killed. Another scene shows when she has been bitten by a Tracker jacker. Tracker jackers are genetically engineered wasps, convienced and created in the Capitol. A Tracker jacker’s venom was specifically engineered to target the part of the brain that generates fear, creating terrifying hallucinations that can drive a person to madness. The images are bizarre and seem false afterwards, though they are vivid at the time. After being bitten Katniss claims to see a butterfly the size of a houses, humming orange bubbles, and trees transforming to blood, in…