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The Lord of the Rings is the epic trilogy in my life. The Fellowship of the Ring, is without a doubt the best book of the three. Why? The first point I would like to state is that J. R. R. Tolkien, which I will refer to as just Tolkien from this point on, had a world created that no in literature has ever done before. He had created a whole world full of different races, civilizations, and a history for everything in both categories. The sheer detail of it all frightens me and makes me wonder how someone could have created such things, much less on such a massive scale. This is important to realize, in order to understand how truly great the Fellowship of the Ring is. Since Tolkien had such a creation, it was considered way out there because no one had ever done anything like that before, needed a way to present his ideas through another story. He did this with the Hobbit it didn’t portray enough of his ideas, which he would portray all of them in his book the Silmarillion after the Lord of the Ring series. He decided to create the Lord of the Rings to fill in this gap before he released his kind of out there ideas fully. Tolkien wrote the Fellowship of the Rings to sort of ease someone into his ideas with the peaceful setting of the shire, happy and friendly folk of Hobbiton , but the foreshadowed journey that seems eminent for the young Frodo Baggins. This plot starts out so you can relate yourself to the characters, quite easily too, and put yourself in their shoes. I think if a reader can visualize this, they